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Art, Kids & Problem Solving

Art, Kids & Problem Solving

Art, Kids & Problem Solving

One of the benefits for kids and creating art is how it teaches problem solving, even at young ages. Staring at a blank canvas, correcting what you might think is a mistake or just how you are going to get everything you want into a painting with limited space!

With art, it's not just drawing a tree, coloring a cat or cutting up some paper. Thinking about what you are going to do and how you want to create it takes problem solving skills. Without even realizing it, each work of art a child makes takes some skill of figuring things out. This skill is a life skill, something that over the years will guide you through schooling, employment or everyday tasks.

Next time your child is at their art table, staring into space, their mind is at work, figuring out the strategic steps of creating. You will find in time, that the problem solving skills they are learning through art, are helping them in everyday life.

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