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College Time

College Time

College Time

When first becoming a parent, one of the first things that was said to me was they grow up fast. Sure, I thought. But all of sudden we are on college tours for our son.

Its fun to visit schools and see what they have to offer him & it's great to see what he likes (and doesn't). We don't always agree, but we are working on a win-win. On one hand, he has to go there, enjoy it and spend 4 years of his life there. On the other hand, we are paying so we do have a say. In the end, I'm sure we will all be comfortable where he goes so that he gets the most of it.

The one realization that hits, is that soon he will be gone. For moms there is a certain anxiety as their child is leaving the nest. Will he eat well? Will he study? Etc, etc. For a dad who spent a lot of time with his son, I'm not sure yet how I will feel. I'll definitely miss the time we spend involved with his sports, But I'll probably just miss having him around, being there and just the small talk we enjoy. 

It's why we become parents, but this time does come. My advice to parents with younger children: Enjoy your time together, have fun, live & learn together (through the good & bad) and remember: THEY GROW UP FAST!!!!!

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