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Earth Without Art is Just Eh

Earth Without Art is Just Eh

Earth Without Art is Just Eh

You’ve probably heard this or seen it before. Have you ever stopped to think about what it’s really saying though? It makes a lot of sense. Our world is filled with art, both man made art and natural art. It’s all around us every where we go, every day.
In honor of Earth Day this week, let’s all try to see the art and beauty all around us. Go out with a sketchbook and draw what you see. There’s no need to spend hours looking for the most beautiful spot, just plop yourself down anywhere and you are sure to find something interesting. It could be the texture of tree bark, an old ornate building, a flower, or a whole scene out in front of you. It’s a good exercise to remind ourselves to look for the good around us. Even if it’s one tiny thing, it can change your whole outlook on your surroundings. Earth is filled with great things, we just have to be willing to see the art and not the eh.
My community is holding a Sketch Crawl this weekend in our small downtown area. It’s listed for all ages so long as those under 16 have an adult present so I plan to bring my five year old. Will he likely be the youngest person there by several years? Probably. He may not have the interest in going to each location or staying the whole time, but he loves to draw and so do I so we are going to give it a try. I don’t know where we will be stopping along our crawl - the area includes some walking trails in wooded areas, a small main street with various businesses, some newer architecture, and some older - so there should be a variety of things to draw throughout the afternoon. I’m very interested in seeing what he chooses to draw. Where will a five year old find beauty, what will he find most interesting? What makes his world more than just eh?

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