Home Schools and An Art Box For Kids – i Create Art Kit
Home Schools and An Art Box For Kids

Home Schools and An Art Box For Kids

Home Schools and An Art Box For Kids

Home schooling has grown in popularity over the years. Many parents across the US have made the decision to educate their child at home, rather than use public or private schooling. In doing so, parents need to have the right curriculum so that they meet the requirements set by the school district of their state.

I Create Art Kits can fill the art void as we use an established lesson plans for our kits. Designed and practiced over the years, we have 3 years ofprojects, that include Painting, Crafts, Clay and even STEM projects. In practice, these projects have educated many children over the years. They include not only well thought out instructions for parents to use, but educational resources and fun facts. The materials we provide are of quality, & the projects are creative & fun for the entire family. 

Whether you are a home school parent or not, it's good to know that the art box you are using has the intentions of educating your child, as well as allowing for creativity & fun. I Create Art Kits were designed for this purpose and it's exciting for us to help children learn through their art. 

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