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School & Art

School & Art

School & Art

Remember the old days in school when art was an important part of the day? Back when I was in school (yes, awhile ago), there was dedicated art time. All through elementary, middle & high school art was mandatory & something we looked forward to.

Today, even though it is something most kids look forward to, schools have largely cut art programs from their budgets. It happened slowly over the years and now it seems it widely accepted. Along with the 3 R's (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) art is an essential part of children's lives. Through creativity, children learn to express themselves. Art also helps with problem solving & building confidence. Without schools fostering art into a child's life, they are missing an important life skill.

We should stop and take some time to appreciate what art offers a child and find ways to incorporate it into their lives. Whether painting, music, reading and other artistic endeavors, children need to stop and smell the artistic roses in life. It enriches and empowers them and is something that throughout history, has been a lifeblood to civilization.

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