The Power of Art & Kids – i Create Art Kit
The Power of Art & Kids

The Power of Art & Kids

The Power of Art & Kids

Over the years, as educators and parents ourselves, we have found that there is a power that art brings to children. When children are empowered with the tools of learning and left to be creative in a quiet setting (free from devices) they will astound you. Spending time with your children through the creative process is healthy for every family. In today's world of cell phones, devices & other distractions, art in a quiet setting is a perfect de-stresser for any busy family.

What The Power Of Art Brings.

  • Builds confidence & self esteem.
  • The ability to problem solve.
  • De-stresses from the distractions of today's devices.
  • Unleashes the creative mind.

Through art, children can learn to silence their inner critic and learn how to look at a blank canvas and bring something to life. With a few strokes and an understanding that this in no "right or wrong way" for art, they can create whatever it is they want.  Not bound to restrictions or what others might think, art is their outlet. 

With our curriculum and I Create Art Kits, our goal is to bring what we have seen happen in our classrooms (and own children) to those across the globe. It has been truly an aspiring thing to watch children grow through the power of art.

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