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Monthly boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month.

For holiday gifts, we recommend you choose a December start date.

Orders received by 12/19/19 are guaranteed holiday delivery & sent in an unmarked boxed that includes a gift note.

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Using Your I Create Art Kit

Using Your I Create Art Kit

Using Your I Create Art Kit

Parents often ask us, "what is the best way for my child to use your kit?"Our best answer, especially if your kids are young, is "With you." We designed our curriculum  for parents to sit with their child, guide them through the lesson & participate. Younger ages, 4 through 6, will need you there. Do not expect them to just sit alone with the kit and be creative. As they get older, usually 7 and up, they can be more independent. Still we always encourage parents to be involved. Read over the instructions together, make sure they are comfortable and understand. Very important: No devices, calm music and away from distractions. This will make the process easier. In our own studio, classes are taught in a calm, quiet environment. We encourage questions and participation, but most of all, we let them be to create. And never ever touch their work. Please contact us with any questions of how to best use your I Create Art Kit and don't forget to post your child's work to our Facebook page #icreateartkit.

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