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What Goes Into Our Curriculum

What Goes Into Our Curriculum

What Goes Into Our Curriculum

A lot of thought goes into creating a good curriculum. We have been developing and updating our curriculum for the past 12 years to find the most successful projects to teach our students. All of our projects are adaptable to challenge different ages and skill levels. One student may be focusing on coloring everything, another may be working on staying within the lines, another may be adding shading, and another may be adding texture. This happens all in one classroom, on the same project. This experience makes it easy for us to outline instructions for you to use in your I Create Art Kit. It’s important to work with each artist at their level so they are always learning and growing without becoming discouraged. 

We often get asked if children will repeat the same projects over their subscription.. The answer is no. We have over three years worth of projects in multiple course options and are always adding more. We sometimes vary the subject matter in our drawings, not only to expand upon what we are able to draw successfully, but also to learn to look at things in new ways. The lessons and techniques that we are teaching can be applied to any future art project. 

It’s easy to finding one thing we like to draw, recreating it over and over again. There is nothing wrong with this. Many famous artists have done it. For me it was trees. I drew a lot of trees growing up and for a long time they all looked the same. Looking back there isn’t much fun to that. There was no growth, no risks, no learning of anything new. It took some time before I realized that my trees could take on different styles. Following a developed curriculum breaks artists out of their comfort zone to bring new experiences that can be a learned from and can even enhance their drawings of their favorite thing. Trees now are a lot more exciting.

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