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What To Do In Summer?

What To Do In Summer?

What To Do In Summer?

As parents know, each summer brings a dilemma. What are the kids going to do all summer? When I was a kid, it was outside from day to dawn, playing sports, going to the pool or just horsing around with friends. We kept ourselves busy and tried to make the most of "no-school time".

Today, there are a wide variety of camps to go to and far more vacationing than before. But still, what are the kids going to do? At I Create Art Kits, we designed our boxes so that in those Winter & Summer months, it's something that can keep kids occupied. Not just at home, but also when you are away on vacation. There is always some down time (weather, relaxation or maybe just bored!). Each box has enough materials to keep a child busy and away from a device, while being creative & educational. You can also order extra supplies & lesson plans if they have more time to spend or maybe with additional family/friends.

Either way, art is a great thing for kids to keep busy with in those summer months. Parents can even join in on the fun and share in the creativity. This summer plan on some family art time with your kids and see what the creativity brings.

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