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Frequently Asked Questions I Create Art Box For Kids

i Create Art Kit - Monthly Art Box Subscription For Kids

With each subscription, your kit comes complete with everything necessary to create art projects. With a licensed curriculum & all the materials you need, I Create Art Kits are great gifts for your aspiring artists.  

What's the best I Create Art subscription plan for me?

Do I need to be artistic?

No and actually it's better that you aren't. Many times if we as parents are talented in a specific area, it's difficult to teach our kids. We are too close and sometimes demand too much. By not being artistic you are learning with them and the experience will be far better for both of you. Projects are designed for parental involvement, especially younger ages. Please read over the instructions and contact us with any questions. In addition all lesson plans are equipped with complete instructions for you to follow plus we are always there for support.

Do you have instructional videos?

Yes. With every subscription & quick ship box, we include instructional videos to guide you through the projects. Easy to access when you set up your Learners Dashboard.

What ages are your kits for?

Kits are designed for all ages (adults too!). For younger ages, give them special attention to help guide them. More advanced levels can adapt projects to their liking. With each box you will receive a set of instructions that will help guide you in adapting the lesson for various ages. If you have a child who is older and/or more advanced, just let us know and we can help guide them with more elaborate instructions. Just contact us with any questions.

Are projects duplicated?

No, we have a 3 year curriculum in place so nothing will ever replicate. We also are constantly adding new projects so everything will always be fresh. We will also encourage project ideas from our community and implement them over time.

How do we use the materials?

Through the instructions you receive for each lesson plan, we guide you in how to use the materials you receive. If you are unsure about how to properly use materials, we include videos for proper use. Plus you can always contact us.

What is your cancellation policy?

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel a subscription anytime after the initial prepaid term has been completed. Please cancel by 11:59 PM prior to the first of the month. You can pause subscriptions by logging into "Manage Your Subscriptions”.

Prepaid plans are not refundable but can be transferred to another child. It is your responsibility to turn off any auto renewal of your plan.

How do plans renew?

Plans automatically renew depending on how whether you're are gifting your box.

My children are different ages. How can I adapt the lesson plan?

Along with each project we will send instructions to parents on how to teach the lesson. All lesson plans will have directions showing how to adapt the project to different ages & levels. With our email support & instructional videos, it's easy for any age level within a family (or group) to enjoy.

Do we pay for shipping?