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Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale art box for kids.

Do you own a boutique gift store? Are you looking for a unique child's gift with a high margin to increase profits? If so, contact us on how to showcase a retail version of an I Create Art Kit in your store.

The wholesale version of I Create Art Kits (for retail stores) are different from an e-commerce subscription box. Created seasonally, retailers can order at different points in the year to maximize sales. Benefits include:

  • Great gift for children ages 4 and older. Something the entire family can participate with together.
  • Appealing product packaging and pricing for increased margins & profits. Purchased by parents, grand parents or anyone looking for a unique child's gift.
  • Retail locations in vacation spots (beaches, mountain resorts, camps) will benefit as an art kit will keep kids busy during downtime & inclement weather.
  • I Create Art Kits are adaptable for all age groups, come with complete lesson plans, instructions & materials for all. We offer a Single Box or Sibling Box for any size family or group.
  • New lessons created by season, allowing for fresh product through the year. Marketing support in placement & sales, plus end user support.
  • I Create Art Kits are produced in the USA & is a family owned business. The curriculum is designed by art educators and contains only quality materials. They are creative, fun & educational for children.

If you are interested in carrying I Create Art Kits, complete the application below or visit our Wholesale website to request access.


Upon your form submission, you will receive an invite to gain access to our Wholesale website. We look forward to discussing options for placing our I Create Art Kit Single & Sibling Box sets in your store.

Please contact us with any questions.

Wholesale art box for kids.