Art box for kids. Makins Clay® Memory frames for babies & pets. – i Create Art Kit

Makins Clay® Memory Frames. Single Frame for Pets & Babies.


Elegant black solid wood frame. Holds photos, keepsake items and Makins Clay® for your impression. Makins Clay® is a specially formulated non toxic no bake polymer clay. Environmentally safe, hypo allergenic, & non-brittle. Guaranteed to last and ensures your hand or paw print will last forever. Frame available in 4 designs.

For babies & pets. Single frame shown is default option. Choose to upgrade at additional cost based on design.

  • Single Turning Frame ($3 additional)
    • Frame pivots to show one side photo, one side impression.
  • Double Turning Frame ($8 additional)
    • Like single turning, but with 2 frames turning showing 4 frames.
  • Triple Face Frame ($5 additional)
    • 3 face frame for photos & impression.

Can be ordered without clay if you already have an impression. Apply code NOCLAY at checkout for $2 off.

Your Makins Memory Frame Kit® Frame includes:

  • White, no bake Makins Clay®
  • 5 backing colors
  • Makins Brand® roller
  • Double sided tape
  • Easy instructions to create hand or paw print impressions for your frame.

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